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The Vampire Seduction


Encounter the turbulent times of the early 1960's. Follow a young man who lost his parents as he tries to make his way through life. Follow him as he is drawn into a world of death and deception. The setting is a small rural city in central New York. Envision as victims are seduced and willingly surrender their blood and souls as they are transformed into the living dead. Enjoy the burning desire that plagues the victims of the vampire. This nonstop action adventure is packed with sexual desire and horrific gore that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering how you will get off this rocky roller coaster ride.

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  • "I loved the book, Frank very good read,and I passed it on to a friend. I well let you no his thoughts thank you have a safe 4 of July you and your family"
    Albert Blakeman
    The Vampire Seduction

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