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The Vampire Seduction IV 2015 - Genre Horror, Erotica, Action and Adventure

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 The Vampire Seduction IV “1980’s Darkness” is the fourth book in the series. Follow Leo and Helen through the decade of the 80’s. Vampire life keeps getting harder to keep a secret as technology keeps advancing. See what challenges they face on a night to night basis to survive. What is lurking in the darkness that may alter or end the vampire’s way of life. Will love find a way or will darkness prevail!!!! 

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  • "Just finished reading 'The Mission of no Return' and found it difficult to put down. A well spun story of space/ time travel with unpredictable twists that keep you interested p..."
    Don Mabb
  • "I loved the book, Frank very good read,and I passed it on to a friend. I well let you no his thoughts thank you have a safe 4 of July you and your family"
    Albert Blakeman
    The Vampire Seduction

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