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#19 The Church 

 Story #19 – The Church




One day the west end gang of Ronny, Billy, Alan and Becca were roaming around the streets. They were teenagers always looking to get into trouble. Here they are walking down Wall Street. They all think they are cool smoking cigarettes and drinking cheap booze from a bottle hidden inside a brown paper bag. They are all high school drop outs that the system failed.

Ronny Highman thinking he is the greatest man on earth. The leader of this small group of hoodlums pretending to be someone they are not. Ronny is 17 years old and stands five feet eleven inches tall. He has a medium build with a very patchy beard. His clothes reflect the image that he is trying to be. He is wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans that are covered with holes. His clothes reek from dirt and stale cigarette smoke because they are never washed. Ronny has been in trouble with the law many times and doesn’t care either. Little does he know that after his 18th birthday his Juvenal protection is gone.

“What do you say we stop in Mr. Pizza for a slice?” Ronny asks.

“I don’t have any money.” Becca replies.

Becca Daniels age 16, a very bright girl with a very dim future. She has the smarts to go a long way but is too lazy to use it. Becca still lives at home with her parents but time is running out for her. Her father is a hardworking man and he is fed up with her behavior. He is close to throwing his daughter out on the streets. Becca is five feet three inches tall and with long brown hair. She wears to much black makeup that takes away from her pretty face. She like the others wears a leather jacket but she includes a leather skirt and black fishnet stockings. She likes to fit in by giving the boys what they want. She has been on the pill since she was 13. 

“I’ll buy you a piece of pizza for a piece of ass later on.” Ronny replies.

“I would like that a lot.” Becca says with a seductive voice.

All four of the hoodlums go into Mr. Pizza. They order a 16 slice half sheet pizza and Ronny pays for it. They sit outside and eat the pizza and the four of them wash it down with the cheap Boones Farm wine in the bag.

“Check out that old fucking church. It’s falling down. I wonder what it looks like inside?” James “Cabby” Jones says.

Cabby is half black and half white. He is the biggest member of the group. He stands six feet three inches tall, with a barrel chest and tree trunks for arms. By far he is the dumbest one of the group and could be one of the dumbest people on earth. He is a simple boy at the age of 17 but most if the time he means well. His nickname Cabby comes from his friends because when he was a little boy his father was a cab driver. He took James out for a ride one day and got into a terrible accident. Cabby was lucky to survive the crash but there is where he obtained his mental handicap. His father on the other hand wasn’t so lucky because he died in the crash that day. 

“Why don’t we go and check it out Ronny? I bet its cool inside.” Joe replies.

Joe Maldonado, the Italian Stallion as his friends call him after Rocky. Joe likes to box on the side and he gets his ass handed to him time after time in the ring. Joe is 17 years old and has been screwing off for over three years. He dropped out of school at the age of 14 and has been in trouble ever since. Joe stands five feet ten inches tall with a very athletic build. Joe has been living on the streets for a couple of months now that his father passed away. His mother left his father right after Joe was born. No one knows where she landed. The gang is all he has as a family.

“Can we go Ronny? I think that would be cool.” Cabby responds.

“Yea I think we can spend a few minutes walking around the old place. Who knows maybe will find some money jars left by the congregation.” Ronny says with a laugh.

They finish up their pizza and throw the box on the ground. They cross Washington Street and go under the yellow tape blocking anyone to get near the old dilapidated red brick church. 

“Won’t we get in trouble if the guard in the prison tower sees us?” Cabby asks.  

Auburn Correctional Facility is kitty corner from the church. The maximum security state prison covers a half mile down Wall Street and a quarter mile down Washington. It buts up against the Owasco river and runs another quarter miles down State Street.

“Are you kidding me Cabby the state cut back years ago? These towers are vacant at night.” Ronny adds.

“Oh, ok I didn’t know that.” Cabby responds.

“It’s alright Cabby, we still love you.” Becca says as she puts her arm around Cabby.

The four walk around the church looking for a way in. Most of the windows are broken but they have been boarded up. That’s when they reach the western side of the church, Ronny decides to kick the plywood cover inward. 

“What did you do that for?” Cabby asks.

“You wanted to go inside, well here’s your way in.” Ronny says with a smirk.

Ronny climbs inside the window first. Joe follows him in second. Joe lends a helping hand to Becca as Cabby guides her in by holding on to her ass.

“Was it good for you Cabby?” Becca asks with attitude.

“What are you talking about Becca? I was just helping you in.” Cabby responds innocently.

Ronny uses his cell phone light to guide them around. The church smells musty from water damage. There is dripping sound coming from the rear of the church where there is a large hole in the roof.

“I think I need a cigarette.” Becca says as she pulls the pack out of her leather purse.

“You can’t light that in here. This is a sacred place.” Joe says.

“Give me a fucking break Joe. No one’s been in this old dilapidated church for years. I don’t think anyone is going to give a fuck.” Becca says as she lights up her cigarette.

Ronny leads the way up to the altar. Joe and Becca are behind him walking side by side. Cabby on the other hand is just looking around as he takes up the rear. All the pews are still intact but they are rotting. The altar is caving in to the cellar below. The wooden floor is weak in spots as it bellows downward.

“This place gives me the creeps. Let get the hell out of here.” Becca says while exhaling smoke at the same time.

“There is nothing to worry about. There is no one here but us hoodlums.” Joe says laughing out loud.

Joe stops laughing as Becca and Ronny are looking at him like he has rocks in his head. Ronny continues to walk up to the altar and Becca stops. She turns around and notices Cabby isn’t there.

“Hey Joe, did you see where Cabby went?” Becca asks.

“He was right behind us. Cabby, where are you?” Joe answers Becca and then he yells for Cabby.

“Will you two shut up? We are trespassing and I’m not going to jail for this. Knowing that dumb ass, he went looking for the bell.” Ronny says.

Ronny turns because the floor ahead is too weak. He walks by Becca and Joe as he heads to the rear of the church. Then there is a loud scream. The three of them look up towards the balcony.

“Ahh,” Cabby yells as he hits the floor.

Joe and Ronny run up to Cabby lying on the floor. He is bleeding through the mouth from internal injuries sustained from the fall. Becca walks up behind the guys and looks on in horror.

“Call 911.” Becca says with her hand covering her mouth and tears dripping down her face.

“We can’t call 911, we’ll all go to jail.” Ronny says out loud.

“If we don’t call for help he is going to die.” Becca says.

“What happened Cabby?” Joe asks while he holds his hand.

“Priest threw me off the edge.” Cabby mumbles out.

“How, you’re massive.” Joe asks.

“He was too strong for me. He picked me up over his head and threw me off.” Cabby says as he coughs up blood.

Joe holds Cabby hand as he dies on the floor.

“Oh my God, what just happened? Let’s get out of here.” Becca says crying.

“No way, either you stay with us or go outside and wait. No one kills a friend of mine and walks away.” Ronny says like a big man.

“I’m going with Ronny. Well kick that bastard’s ass” Joe says.

Both guys go towards the stairway leading to the balcony. Becca walks over to the window that they came in through. She is nervous and scared as she lights up another cigarette.

“Come on out and fight you asshole. I’ll kick your ass.” Joe yells.

Ronny and Joe walk up the wooden stairs on the eastern side of the church. That’s the side that has the hole in the roof. Half way up the rotten staircase Joe falls through the wood. Both legs are hanging down under the wood. He is holding on with his hands.

“Ronny help me.” Joe yells.

Ronny bends down and grabs Joe by the hands. He uses all his strength to start pulling him up. He starts to pull Joe up when all of a sudden Joe is being pulled downward by his legs.

“Ronny, pull me up please.” Joe yells.

“I’m trying man.” Ronny replies.

“Oh my God he is cutting me. Oh fuck that hurts.” Joe yells.

Ronny doesn’t hesitate as he runs down the stairs to confront the man. He gets to the bottom of the stair and he has to run around the corner.

“Is everything alright?” Becca asks.

“Get the fuck out of here.” Ronny yells.

Ronny runs around the corner and he sees Joe legs hanging through the stairs. His legs are no longer moving and there is a large puddle of blood on the floor. Ronny shines his cell phone light up and sees Joe was cut on the inside of his leg. They cut his femoral artery and he bleed out in seconds. 

“Alright asshole, come and get me.” Ronny says as he pulls out his switch blade.

There is nothing but silence. Ronny is careful as he walks back into the church. He sees Becca is no longer by the window. She must have gotten out and she is waiting outside. Ronny walks towards the altar.

“Come on out and face me.” Ronny yells.

Ronny looks up towards the altar and he sees someone moving. He shines his light forward and sees someone wearing a red robe. He has a large sword in his hand. The man is kissing the sword but Ronny can’t make out his face because of the hood on the robe.

“Who are you?” Ronny asks.

The man in the robe says nothing. He walks over to the altar and Ronny sees Becca unconscious and laying on top. The man walks up the Becca and starts cutting her clothes off with the sword.

“Stop, what the fuck are you doing?” Ronny yells.

The man throws her coat on the floor followed by her skirt. Ronny runs up the front of the church and he is looking for a way around the rotten floor. That’s when he sees a spot on the eastern side that is still intact. Ronny runs on the pews as he uses his agility as balance. The man cuts Becca’s black bra off and throws it to the floor. He takes the blade and puts it under her black pantyhose and cuts them down to her feet.  He shreds the pantyhose and throws them on the floor. One quick swipe of the blade and her black thong is gone. Becca lays naked on the altar as Ronny runs up to confront the man. The man swings the sword with a side motion and Ronny has to jump backwards to avoid being hit.

“Leave her alone or I’ll kill you.” Ronnie says.

The man steps back and puts his hands together like he is praying. Ronny sees his chance and runs at him from behind.

“Die, you fucker.” Ronny yells.

The man slides the sword under his arm as Ronny runs at him. Ronny has his switch blade over his head as he prepares to cut the man’s neck. Ronny isn’t paying any attention as he impales himself on the sword. The man pulls the blade back and out of Ronny as he falls to the floor. Ronny has his hands covering the wound on his belly as he lands on his knees. The switchblade falls harmlessly to the floor

“Becca, wake up.” Ronny calls out.

The man walks over to Becca and starts to pray over her. Ronny tries to get to his feet but he is too weak from blood loss. The man lifts the blade up over the top of Becca with the blade facing down.

“No. please don’t.” Ronny pleads.

The man slices the sword into her belly.

“Ugh,” Becca stutters out.

The man pulls the blade out and drops his hood. It isn’t even a man as the creature puts its large suction cup mouth over the Becca’s wound. It starts sucking all the fluids out of her slowly and efficiently.

“Uhh, uhh, uhh.” Becca moans as the creature slowly sucks the life out of her.

Ronny watches as her body is slowly reduced to skin and bone. The entire process takes less than fifteen minutes. Becca is dead in less than seven minutes but it claims all the nutrients out of her body. When the creature is done with Becca it flies up into rafters. Ronny died in his own pool of blood.

The next morning the police arrive on the scene because a neighbor called about the church being broken in to. The bodies of the three men were all bagged up and sent to the morgue. The detectives were clueless to the body on the altar.

“What do you make of it?” Detective Burns asks the coroner.

“I have never seen anything like this before. The tissue has been altered in some way. All the fluids were removed through the abdomen. This looks like a three thousand year old mummy. The only problem I have with that is the blood that escaped from the backside is fresh.” The coroner replies.

“You’re telling me she was killed last night with the boys.” Detective Burns asks.

“I can’t tell until I get the body back to the morgue where I can examine it a little closer.” The coroner replies.

“No fucking way. These guys stole this mummy from the museum and someone caught them in the act. They killed the kids and left the mummy.” Detective Burns replies.

“I’ll have more information after my examination.” The coroner states.

They bag up Becca and return her body to the morgue. They lock the church up and board up the window they broke into.

“I can’t wait until they tear this place down. There are too many strange happenings in these old buildings.” Detective Burns says as he shakes his head from side to side.