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The Musician 2019 - Genre Romance/Music










 Synopsis - Mario is a musician and he moves from town to town looking for gigs to play. Mario keeps his past to himself but his love to play music flows through his veins. Mario lands in San Diego where he tries out for a group that is looking for a lead guitarist. Mario blows the competition away but the group passes over him because he is a little older than they are. Jennifer is the bassist in the group and she likes what she sees in Mario. Mario gets his chance as Jennifer gets him in when the other guitarist fails and the audience goes wild for Mario. The group’s popularity grows as Mario adds his new written songs to the playlist. Record contract, global touring, and a growing fan base starts to consume the group. Will popularity change people? How far will they go? Is a relationship between two band members healthy or added stress? The musician is a romance with drama all wrapped up inside a rock and roll band.